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Since our beginning in 2003, we’ve focused on these three actions to point the way. Our design focus is one of innovation, pursued with a pervasive collaborative spirit in everything we do.

At NB Consultancy, we value the diversity of every individual and seek to harness their unique skills in the pursuit of design excellence. We constantly cross-pollinate ideas, experience and technology to create the best design solutions for our clients.

Our work reflects a passion for the spirit of our age. Engaged in an iterative process of interaction, investigation, critique and evolution, we create elegant, timeless solutions that mature gracefully. In partnership with our clients, we design award-winning projects that make a lasting contribution to our communities.

Our first 13 years has been a great start. We can’t wait to see what our next Decade brings.

Our Experience

Master Planning & Urban Design - 12 years
Architecture & Interior Design - 12 years
Landscape Design - 12 years
Engineering & Infrastructure - 12 years
Road and Transportation - 12 years
Environmental Services- 12 years
Project Management- 12 years,
Quality Management - 12 years
Fish Hatchery Design - 2 years
Construction Supervision - 12 years
Quality policy
Strategic Objectives

1. Opens new business markets

2. Widens company’s activities and expand headquarters.

3. Making joint ventures and co-operative relations with international investors to compete in Iraqi market on international projects.