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Contact information


Baghdad – Karada – ST. 52

Basra – 14 Tamooz St. – Skandar Building

Erbil – ِAin Kawa – Pank Village

Phone numbers: +9647814499356 / +964 7810111870



Phone numbers: +20 2 33039381 / +20 0 1064342854


24 El-Mohandes Mohammed Hasan Helmy, Gazirat Mit Oqbah, Agouza, Giza.


Phone numbers: +96171885191


Beirut – Hamrah – Strand Building

Core Values

Through design excellence we transform the client’s vision into dynamic reality!

We attribute our success to our core beliefs and values that make us stand ahead of the competition:


The primary and the greatest strength of our company and the reasons for success is our vibrant and growing team. Through continual development and hard work, we ensure that our people have the cutting edge skills and demonstrate the highest professional standards in each area we operate.


Working collaboratively, we develop sustainable objectives that meet and exceed expectations. Providing clients with high-performance solutions that are good for their businesses and good for their communities are always top priorities.


We have experts in a range of efficient, renewable and passive technologies, enabling us to influence both building design and policy developments. Through our relationships with government, international clients and joint venture partners, our design teams have the benefit of being able to share the most up to date technological and operational knowledge.


Our well drafted QMS policies guide us to deliver outstanding quality in our work. Giving utmost consideration to client satisfaction through sustainable and efficient designs, we showcase a high level of professionalism and dedication.


We apply the multi-disciplinary talents of an international management consultancy allied to that of a world class engineering firm. NB Consultancy is well committed to deal with customers fairly and professionally by establishing flexibility and adaptability in our approach.


‘On-time delivery exceeding the client’s expectation’ is our delivery motto. Understanding the clients’ frequent rush requirements, we are very well committed to meet the tightest delivery schedules.


Safety, risk, environmental, sustainability and public accountability are of high and increasing significance. All our businesses enjoy remarkably high standards of health and safety. We achieve these high standards by ensuring health and safety is an integral part of everyone’s approach to work.