The CO-Founder Safa’a Al Mu’maar and the Operation Manager Khaldon Al Ani had been attended the IBBC autumn conference on the 25th of November, 2018, at the Address Marina Hotel in Dubai regarding reconstruction of Iraq.

They ensure and to confirm our commitment to rebuilding Iraq in collaborative with international firms.







Article issue by: SAFAA AL MUMAAR
Article issue date: 27th of November, 2018

The Operation Manager Khaldon Al Ani had been attended the Anbar 4th Annual International Investment Conference on the 17th & 18th of October, 2018, at Fairmont Amman Hotel in Jordan regarding Investing in a promoting future.

Al Anbar Gov. has a lot of opportunities for future development and they got a well vision for investment. As well as Nudhum Al Benaa firm looking for a consultancy services in collaborative with e with international firms and investors and to commit Iraq rebuilding.


Article issue by: KHALDON ALANI
Article issue date: 18TH of OCTOBER 2018
Approved by:     Safa’a Al Mu’maar
Approved Date: 04th of December, 2018

the City of Sayab designs Project 2019

تقرير احدى القنوات الفضائية حول المؤتمر الخاص بعرض التصاميم لمشروع مدينة السياب في محافظة البصرة بمشاركة كوادر شركتنا في اعداد التصاميم الحضرية والرؤيا التخطيطية للمدينة وتمت مناقشة المشروع بحضور السيد وزير الإسكان والاعمار والبلديات العراقي وبحضور اعلامي غفير

A report by one of the satellite channels about the conference on the presentation of designs for the City of Sayab designs Project, in the province of Basra with the participation of our company’s staff in the preparation of urban designs and the vision of the planning of the city.

It was discussed in the presence of the Iraqi Minister of Housing and Urban Municipalities, and in a vast presence of media.